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The FDA Approved Richway Amethyst Bio-Mat, with over two and a half million sold worldwide, provides you with cutting-edge technology that combines the synergy of: the healing properties of amethyst crystals, the deep penetrating heat of far infrared rays, and negative ion therapy.

What is the BioMat™?

The BioMat™ system is a state-of-the-art FDA-approved medical device that delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions, relieving stress and restoring balance and energy to the human body. 

It was developed by a highly skilled group of scientists, medical professionals and engineers. The BioMat’s™ primary gift to the human body is its ability to provide an environment in which the body is able to carry off the acidic waste as it was designed to do. 

As these wastes are removed, the body’s vitality is restored. You’ll feel those tired muscles relax, as helpful dry heat not only warms the surface of your skin, but also increases circulation and penetrates into your skin for deep, soothing comfort. The gentle warmth of the BioMat™ gives you an overall massaging effect, soothing nerves and muscles and cleansing your body of toxins with natural healing.

The Biomat™delivers benefits better than any Infrared Sauna for a fraction of the price.   

The Biomat™  has three significant components:
     1. State-of-the-art Far Infrared Rays (FIR) = Nature’s Miracle Light
     2. Negative Ion Technology = Nature’s Battery Charger
     3. The healing power of Amethyst Crystal = Nature’s Super Conductor

What Makes the BioMat™ Work So Well?

The BioMat™ is enhanced with Amethyst Crystals, known for their calming and healing effects since ancient times. When Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are conducted through Amethyst Crystals, the Far Infrared wave length elongates, penetrating into the human body 5-7 inches.  The Amethyst Crystals amplify the Far Infrared Light 200 times more powerfully than FIR by itself.

These rays, not only benefit the skin and muscle tissue on the surface of the body, but penetrate deeper into the lymph glands, blood vessels, nerves, as well as key organs.  These rays vitalize the biological function of our cells and increase circulation
It works without electric coils, and no harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s).
Infrared rays which are at the opposite side of the spectrum are healthy kind of rays that give you warmth and relaxation.

Medical and therapeutic professionals have found that the same infrared rays as in natural sunlight are generated in the  BioMat™ by modern technology.













Includes travel bag & cotton padded cover
$100 Professional Discount with License
FDA Licensed Medical Device 2954299

For more information, please call Dr. Tracey at +1 (876) 589-0020
or email


Biomat® Mini


Biomat® Professional


Biomat® Single

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Biomat® Queen/King

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